Infrared Systems

30-50% fuel savings over warm air systems

Low intensity Infrared radiant tube heaters work by heating floors rather than just the air making them the most efficient type of heater. Providing 30-50% fuel savings over forced air systems or unit heaters, customers receive quick returns on their investment.

Roberts Gordon makes the best radiant tube heaters on the market. They are perfect heaters for a shop, a pole barn or a large plant.

How does a tube heater work?

Just as the sun warms the earth, infrared gas tube heaters warm the floor. This means quicker recovery of comfort after closing a door.

No more drafty forced air!
Your infrared heaters will keep you comfortable at lower temperatures—typically up to 5°F—and save you even more money.

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What Size Tube Heater Do I Need?

We provide heating and ventilation load calculations and system layouts for your project. We design systems and pricing options so budgets can be carefully considered. Contact us for a free consultation and equipment quotation.