How to Inspect Your CoRayVac System

How to Inspect Your CoRayVac System


CoRayVac Annual Maintenance 

Money Talks

It is no secret that annual maintenance on HVAC equipment saves money in the long run. Operating your system at its optimum efficiency and detecting potential problems early can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your CoRayVac system.

Start-Up Suggestions


  1. Observe the vacuum pump discharge outside of the building to be sure that there is not a bird nest or any other obstruction. A bird screen should cover the end of the pipe.
  2. Be sure that the flexible boot connectors at the vacuum pump are in good condition.
  3. Inspect tubes and reflectors. If any reflectors have shifted and are laying directly on a tube, a hotspot is created and can damage the tube.
  4. Check the vacuum on your system. (-2.0 to -3.0" W.C)
    1. Replace filters annually with genuine Co-Ray-Vac filters.
    2. Filters must be clean (white) to accurately measure the vacuum.
  5. Test fire your heater by raising the thermostat set point before the start of the heating season .

Burner Tuning

Don't forget that you can bring a burner into our shop and have it tuned to factory specifications. We can diagnose any problems and replace any parts (if necessary) so you know that your heater will work optimally. You can also ship us your burner if you are out of state. In most cases, you can continue to run your heater without all of the burners in place. Call us for instructions before running in this manner to ensure you will not cause any damage to the system.

Replacement Filters and O.E.M. Parts:

Radiant Energy has heater parts stocked and instantly available. Place your order now for genuine factory replacement filters and parts.

You own the very best heating system; be sure to use Roberts Gordon genuine factory parts.

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