Floaire Makeup Air Units

Floaire Makeup Air Units

Floaire Makeup Air

Did you know that Floaire has the same equipment as Rupp (Ruppair) and Captiveaire? That means Radiant Energy Systems can supply replacement  equipment or replacement parts for all three of these brands. Whether you are looking at an indirect/direct fired makeup air unit or a simple exhaust fan, we can supply this for you at a low cost. We always keep performance and budgets in mind when we design systems for a customer.

Often, customers believe they need an indirect fired makeup air when a direct fired unit would be a better, more effective option. Using direct fired instead saves around 30-50% of the up-front cost (more with future maintenance). The design team at Radiant Energy Systems can guide you through your decision, explain the best solution and the most cost-effective solution while making sure you understand the pros and cons. Sometimes, the simplest design is the best design.

Radiant Energy Systems designs and supplies makeup air units for both commercial and industrial applications. Here are some of the products which we supply in Michigan and Northwest Ohio:

Floaire Products:

  • Indirect-fired and direct-fired commercial and industrial makeup air units
  • High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans
  • centrifugal exhaust fans
  • axial exhaust fans
  • inline duct fans
  • ventilation hoods
  • Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS)

You can read more about Floaire here, or on their website.

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